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a woman holding a scanner up to a box in a warehouse in Rhode Island
8 Key Ideas to Improve Your Small Warehouse’s Operations

Setting up your first warehouse as a small business or going through warehouse improvement can be daunting. After all, not every tip that applies to a sprawling mega warehouse will also work for a more compact space. So, you may need to employ more creative solutions to get the most out of your...

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Warehouse robots efficiently stacking racks in a rhode island warehouse
Autonomous Warehouse Robots: What Are The Benefits?

Warehouses have been around since the days of ancient Egypt, but the warehousing industry has never stayed frozen in time. Every decade brings new innovations and solutions to the warehousing industry, like computerized warehouse management systems replacing handwritten logs. But what’s...

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Shipping containers stacked at a transportation company warehouse in Rhode Island
Shipping Container Price Increases | The How’s & Why’s

While inflation may have begun to cool for some commodities, shipping container rates aren’t on the list. According to 2024 data from Statista, container freight rates for a 40-foot shipping container jumped from an average of $1,342 in October 2023 to $3,964 in January 2024. Shipping container...

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A vertical storage warehouse in rhode island
Vertical Space Utilization in Warehouses: A Guide to Maximizing Space Efficiency

In a packed warehouse, every inch of square footage counts. So, if you want to make the most of your warehouse’s capacity, vertical storage solutions could get the job done. Several potential vertical storage solutions could help improve your warehouse layout, from simple vertical racks to...

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a warehouse housing healthcare supplies in rhode island
The role of warehouses in the healthcare supply chain explained

Every industry relies on an efficient supply chain to run smoothly, and healthcare is no exception. In 2020, we saw firsthand how weak links in a healthcare facility’s supply chain could lead to major shortages of essential supplies, like medications and personal protection equipment. So, it’s...

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Chemical transport company in RI
Chemical Transportation 101: How to Become a Certified Hazmat Driver

Trucking can be a rewarding career with an estimated 241,200 new jobs opening up every year. Truck drivers can earn competitive wages while traveling across the country: Some can even increase their earning potential by obtaining new skills, like a hazmat certification for chemical...

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warning sign in front of stacked pallets in a warehouse signifying warehouse safety
Top 10 Warehouse Safety Tips: 10 Key Elements to Keep Your Team Safe

Over 145,000 people work in the warehousing industry in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), warehouse workers may face a higher risk of injuries than employees in other industries. Which is why warehouse safety is so important. The warehousing and storage...

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a rhode island warehouse worker using a warehouse management system to organize warehouse inventory
5 Ways An Organized Warehouse Can Improve Your Customer Service

Good customer service involves several different factors, but there’s one you may not have considered: Your warehouse management system. An organized warehouse is an efficient one. Therefore, by leveraging your warehouse management system to its fullest extent, you can keep your customers...

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images showing all the different varieties of multimodal transport
Multimodal Transport And Intermodal Shipping: What’s The Difference & Which Is Right for You?

When you work with a national or global supply chain, you have a wealth of transportation options to choose from. Two of those possible choices include multimodal transportation and intermodal transportation. Furthermore, both of these options rely on multiple shipping methods to reach the final...

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modern warehouse practicing state of the art warehouse management systems
Modern Warehousing Practices: Best Practices for Success

Modern warehousing practices and methods have evolved rapidly within the last decade. Subsequently, while it’s easy to get caught up in cutting-edge developments, like AI and automation, it’s also easy to forget the basic principles that form the foundation for success. The concept of warehouse...

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LTL vs TL what's the difference
LTL vs TL Shipping: What’s the difference?

If you’re exploring different shipping options for your business, you may have come across the terms “TL” and “LTL” before. TL stands for “Truckload,” while “LTL” stands for “Less Than Truckload.” But what does LTL vs TL shipping actually mean? Both are valid shipping methods to get your items...

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a view from inside a 3pl warehouse in Rhode Island
What Is A 3pl Warehouse? The Complete Guide

Not every business has the bandwidth to stock, distribute, and ship goods themselves. For instance, companies and brands who would prefer a more convenient solution, would rather outsource their logistic needs to a third-party logistics provider, or “3pl”, could provide the solution they need. A...

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Electric vehicles lined up
The Future of Electric Vehicles in Logistics

It’s no secret that gas and diesel-powered vehicles are a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG.) The United States has pledged to achieve a 50-52% reduction in pollution levels by 2030. The U.S. also has set a goal for all new vehicles to be emission-free by 2030, and electric...

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what is the difference between a warehouse and a distribution center
Difference Between A Warehouse & Distribution Ctr

Some people might use the terms “warehouse” and “distribution center” interchangeably. While the two can overlap in several ways, there’s actually a subtle difference between them. The difference between a warehouse and a distribution center can be simplified into a few main concepts. In a...

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Drones in logistics can provide a great value to consumers by reducing delivery costs, being more environmentally friendly, and saving fuel costs
Drones In Logistics And Supply Chain Impact

It’s not a bird or a plane — it’s an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), otherwise known as a drone. N&D Transportation Company will explain the advantages and disadvantages of drones in logistics. While initially designed for military use, drones have begun to make their way into the commercial...

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N&D Transportation Company inc is a warehouse located in North Smithfield RI
Why Your Business Needs An Offsite Storage Partner

As a business owner, your time, money, and energy are all valuable resources. So when you only have limited bandwidth to devote to various aspects of your business, it can pay to outsource certain tasks and free up your schedule — so that you can do what you do best. Particularly, offsite...

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Prices for diesel in the US have skyrocketed since 2020
What’s Happening with Diesel Prices in 2023?

The trucking and freight industry depends on diesel fuel to run. Around 20% of petroleum consumption in the US is diesel fuel. And while gas prices only rose around 10% since the start of 2022, diesel prices climbed around 38%. As of January 2023, the national average diesel price is around...

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Disruptions in the supply chain have cause backlogs in freight transportation in trucking, air, and shipping
What Causes Supply Chain Shortages?

A lot goes into putting a product on a shelf — beyond just delivering it to the store. From your morning cup of coffee to your cell phone, every product in our lives depends on a supply chain. And when something interrupts the supply chain for critical products, that can disrupt your daily life...

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Trucking diversity for black truck drivers, asian truck drivers, hispanic truck drivers
Trucking Diversity: Why Inclusion Matters

The transportation industry doesn’t have the best reputation for trucking diversity. Until recently, more than two-thirds of truck drivers were white and 90% were male. But the tide is beginning to change. The American trucking industry is more diverse than ever before, with more women and...

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Rail strike workers picketing outside a railway. Rail workers demanding a new contract
What Happens If There’s A Rail Strike? Impact on the Supply Chain

America was built on railways. Today, the rail system is still a crucial aspect of the nation’s supply chain, shipping over 30% of the country’s freight. But what would happen if there was a rail strike? N&D Transportation Company Inc will explain the pitfalls of a potential rail road strike...

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Woman in a 3pl warehouse in Rhode Island showing warehouse benefits like organization, cost reduction, and efficiency
5 Warehouse Benefits and Why You Need A Warehousing Partner

The more your business grows, the more inventory you need to store. But you might not have the capability to store everything on-site. Enter warehouses. Warehouse benefits range from financial to organizational, let’s explain below. What is a warehouse? It’s a storage building that holds...

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FMCSA regulations specify the dos and donts for truck driver safety
Truck Driver Safety Tips: FMSCA Regulations Explained

Everyone needs time to rest and recharge, and truck drivers are no exception. Driver fatigue is a pressing safety concern for the trucking industry. According to research, as much as 13% of commercial drivers who crashed were fatigued at the time of the accident. So how long can a truck driver...

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The increase in fuel prices has taken a negative toll on every industry, but the transportation industry has been hardest hit
What the Increase in Fuel Prices Means for the Transportation Industry

If you drive a car, you’ve most likely cringed at the gas station more times than you can count. Increase in fuel prices put a strain on most American wallets. Around 84% of Americans report cutting back on spending in response to the price surge. But the increase in fuel prices can affect more...

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russian sanctions and the effect on the supply chain
Russian Sanctions and The Supply Chain – What Small Businesses Should Know

By now, most Americans are well-aware of the tragic war on Ukraine and the devastating loss of human life. In response to Russia’s invasion, The US and several European countries have imposed harsh sanctions on Russia. Subsequently, the ripple effects impact the whole global supply chain. Here’s...

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port containers on shore with image depicting inflation and its effect on global supply chain
The Impact of Inflation On The Global Supply Chain

Prices are climbing everywhere–at the gas pump, the grocery store, and even in online shopping carts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation hit an all-time high in March 2022, at 8.5% – the biggest cost increase since the 1980s. Also, any 2022 inflation forecasts argue...

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Road sign directing traffic that there are trucking alternative fuels available
Clean Energy Fuels in the Trucking Industry – An Overview

The trucking industry is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gases in the United States. The average big rig only gets 7 miles to the gallon, even with the latest technological advances taken into account. As of March 2021, the current administration has enacted changes to the National...

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3 heavy haulers lined up under canopy looking for trucking jobs to take a northeast trucking company freight to destination
Northeast Regional, Local, OTR Trucking Explained

Truck driving careers offer many opportunities for high wages, flexible hours, and steady employment. But not all trucking jobs are created equal. Trucking jobs run the full gamut from local runs in your home state to cross-country trips that take weeks at a time.  If you’re thinking about...

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aerial footage of California port backlog for supply chain container ships
Port Container Backlogs: What to Know

Logistics is a fast-paced industry. Businesses and logistics providers have to adapt to changes in the market quickly or get left behind. The ongoing supply chain backlog is a perfect example.  Businesses who import products from overseas are feeling the crunch especially hard, thanks to the...

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temperature controlled transportation for produce, chemicals, and other freight
Temperature Controlled Transportation Explained

If you’re shipping temperature-sensitive freight, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not it will survive the winter. This is where heated trailers are an amazing tool. Heated trailers can help preserve the quality of your freight, keep your goods from freezing, and offer extra...

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A flatbed and 53' dry van traveling on a highway
Dry Van Shipping: Pros & Cons

If you’re new to the world of commercial shipping, the sheer variety of options can be overwhelming. Dry van shipping is one of the most common shipping methods out there. Some would say the most common. Dry van trailers are highly favored in the freight industry for their simplicity and...

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