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Warehouse Safety: 5 tips

Warehouse Safety: 5 tips
Man in forklift talking to another man while in a warehouse

Whether or not the workers in your warehouse operate forklifts, lift trucks or any other motorized vehicles, it’s essential that vehicle safety is every facility manager’s top priority.  While they might not be the fastest motorized vehicles, these warehouse vehicles are extremely heavy and if operated improperly or recklessly, can result in serious injury and even death.  Here are 5 quick vehicle safety tips to ensure your warehouse is as safe as possible:

  1. Only allow trained workers to operate the vehicles:  No one who is underage or unqualified should be allowed to operate motorized vehicles within the warehouse.
  2. Enforce a zero-tolerance policy:  There should be zero-tolerance for reckless and dangerous driving and/or racing of vehicles within the warehouse.  It can’t hurt to put up a few signs around the warehouse to remind drivers not to speed.  Drivers of forklifts should not exceed 5mph.
  3.  Implement helpful safety measures:  Setting up mirrors around corners and blind spots can help drivers avoid accidents resulting in damage to property and injury.  Providing a safety checklist for the vehicles is a great way to remind the drivers of proper operation.  For example, the list can mention faulty seatbelts, deflated tires, warning lights on the dashboard, strange noises, safe driving speeds, watch for pedestrians, report any mechanical issues to the manager, etc.
  4. Keep aisles and driving lanes free of obstructions:  It’s important that all workers follow good housekeeping practices and make sure to clean up all packaging materials out of the aisle and keep products on the proper racks.  Facility managers can also look into installing guard rails and folding security gates around the warehouse to help protect restricted areas and keep driving aisles clear. 
  5. Regular inspection and planned maintenance of all motorized vehicles:  While workers can check for obvious issues daily, it’s important for a trained professional to regularly check the vehicles and make sure they are kept in proper and safe operating conditions.

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    by admin Posted August 18, 2020 10:14 am

    Totally agree! Safety is the most important thing

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