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The Importance of Warehousing Supply Chain

The Importance of Warehousing Supply Chain
Warehousing supply chain, logistics and transportation services to optimize your supply chain management

No matter the size of your business, warehousing is one of the most important parts of any business supply chain. Warehouses provide storage for both finished products and materials, packing and distribution services, and numerous other advantages. Unless your business has the capability to own and operate its own warehousing supply chain, you’ll have to entrust a dedicated third party warehouse to outsource your needs. Here’s how choosing the right warehouse can revolutionize your supply chain.

Warehousing Supply Chain – The Benefits

Warehousing Supply Chain image showing the steps of warehousing supply chain from supplier warehousing to customer distribution centers

Better Inventory Control

Because a warehouse allows you to store all of your goods in a single centralized location, using one can improve inventory control. Nearly 40% of small businesses don’t track their inventory, which can lead to serious problems with supply and distribution. 

Many warehouses employ state-of-the-art inventory management systems to keep track of your goods before they leave the shelves. You won’t wonder how many items you have stored on the rack, it’ll be clearly listed in the warehouse’s logistics management system. Everything will be organized before shipping as well, minimizing lost goods or delayed shipments. 

Using a third-party warehouse can also allow you to store far more items than you ever could in your own facilities. Since you don’t have to worry about storing the goods yourself, you could also receive discounts on bulk or wholesale goods, saving your business money. When you can have more items on hand, you can fulfill more orders.

More efficient distribution

Having a centralized location for all your inventory can allow for faster shipping and distribution of your products. Often, this is far more efficient than you could manage in-house or shipping yourself. Packing equipment and loading docks are only a moment away on a warehouse floor. The instant your warehouse receives word that your items need to be shipped, they can. 

If you want lightning-quick distribution without having to lift a finger, using a 3pl distribution warehouse could be the solution you’re looking for.

Extended shelf life

Warehouses not only provide quicker distribution they also provide better storage for perishable products. Climate control methods like refrigeration, humidity control, and heating services can extend the shelf life of perishables or other temperature-sensitive goods. A good warehouse will make sure that your products are always kept at the appropriate temperature to prevent damage or spoilage. 

Many warehouses specialize in shipping only food-grade or refrigerated products. Make sure that your warehouse provider has experience storing your type of products. 

Better security

Storing in a warehouse offers better security for your goods. Warehouses often employ security measures such as security cameras and alarms to monitor for potential break-ins. They also have smoke alarms and fire control systems to ensure that your goods will be safe from accidental fires that can damage your inventory. A dedicated team of warehouse personnel can monitor your products more efficiently than you can.

If you’re storing hazardous materials, like flammable chemicals, using a 3pl warehouse can minimize the risk for your own employees. Many warehouses specialize in handling hazardous materials. This expertise allows warehousing management to follow proper handling and storage protocol, minimizing the potential risk to both personnel and the environment. 

With a good 3pl warehouse, you’ll have peace of mind that your products are always safe and accounted for. Not only will your products be safe, so will the people who handle them. 

Cost-effective warehousing supply chain

Using a warehouse can also save you money in the long term. Instead of directing time, money, and resources to distribute goods in-house, using a single provider to handle your warehousing and distribution will reduce your costs and free up time. 

You don’t have to worry about staffing or organizing your own facility, a full-time endeavor that can rack up serious price tags. Outsourcing your distribution needs to a warehousing company can reduce your costs in the long term. It’s an ideal solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses that don’t have the resources to operate their own facilities. When you don’t have to worry about distribution, you can refocus your time and attention to other aspects of running your business. 

Better customer service 

Because a warehouse provides greater storage capacity and more efficient distribution services, using a 3pl warehouse can give your customer service an edge. Faster shipping and distribution means happy customers, which translates into greater sales. 3pl Warehouses with direct distribution capabilities can also provide services like reverse logistics for easy customer returns. 

Why N&D is the 3pl warehouse you’re looking for warehousing supply chain

If you’re on the lookout for a warehouse and distribution facility in Rhode Island, you’re in the right palace. N&D’s warehouse provides organized, heated, and racked storage for all your goods. We’ll keep everything safe and secure for as long as you need. And once you’re ready to ship, we’ll get it out on schedule. 

We offer direct distribution services throughout New England, allowing you to combine warehousing and logistics management services for greater cost-efficiency. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your supply chain reach its full potential. N&D Transportation Company Inc is one of the top warehouse companies in the USA

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